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Sitting on the ridge of the hill of Aleomandra in Mykonos yet almost entirely hidden from view, Villa Mandra looks straight out to sea and the sunset over the neighbouring island of Delos. A 6-bedroom holiday house built for a young, dynamic couple to enjoy with their family and friends, it celebrates its spectacular view from a grounded viewpoint blended into a sensitively landscaped, stone-walled garden that screens it from the road behind.


The house is built upon the idea of slow, laid-back summer living, and encourages mindful connection with family, friends and the freedom to exist peacefully in nature. Form follows emotion rather than function, as every space becomes another opportunity for rest, reflection and exploration.


To create a house that would allow guests to enjoy being outside throughout the day we needed to filter the overwhelming intensity of the climate by providing shade and protection from the elements. And although the house needed to accommodate a large number of guests we didn’t want to dominate the landscape with oversized volumes. Inspired by the humble complexity of the traditional island vernacular we reduced the architecture to 2 small traditionally whitewashed volumes and a third of stone dug from the site, built around a large ‘courtyard’ living area which is covered by an expansive but lightweight chestnut pergola. 


This courtyard becomes the focal point of the house, seamlessly connected to the living room and kitchen volumes and looking over the pool and gardens beyond. Beneath the pool garden are the private bedrooms, separated for privacy and quietly enjoying the uninterrupted view over the lower garden to the sea. Their separation further reduces the overall impact of the house and cleanly divides social and private space.



Key to the character of the house is the palette of traditional materials such as lime-wash, stone and wood that have been applied and engineered with contemporary techniques to create un-nostalgic architecture that bridges heritage and locality with contemporary life. Hand-built stone walls are sharply confident; traditionally rendered, round-edged volumes are perfectly flat and smooth. The customary chestnut pergola has been engineered to increase its structural integrity, to form a glue-lam beam lattice that sits lightly on the white volumes, shading and protecting the extensive courtyard beneath.



The simple white volumes, straight stone walls and light pergola planes sit comfortably in the Cycladic landscape and the efficiency of their layout, centred around the courtyard living space, streamlines daily life. Villa Mandra is informed by humble Cycladic tradition, enriched by natural materiality and inspired by contemporary summer living.


K-studio 创始人 Dimitris Karampatakis 和 Konstantinos Karampatakis




我们与经验丰富,知识渊博的团队合作,以丰富和扩展我们的服务项目。我们已经与WATG、 Tombazis & Associate Architects、Betaplan S.A.、ISV Architects和Lambs and Lions等公司建立并保持着密切的关系。

我们非常享受与经验丰富且知识渊博的客户团队合作并从中学习,例如雅典的Four Seasons和O & O,以及伯罗奔尼撒的TEMES。我们还受邀将我们的设计方法引入到以色列,卡塔尔,巴拿马和吉隆坡等众多国际项目中。

Dexamenes – 2020年Architizer A +奖酒店及度假村类别的最受欢迎选择优胜者
Perianth Hotel –2020年希腊年度酒店奖年度最佳套房
Dexamenes – 2019年AHEAD欧洲大奖最佳套房
Canaves Oia Epitome – 2019年100%酒店设计奖最佳度假村
Isola海滩俱乐部–2019年Big See Wood奖获得者
Dexamenes – 2019年DOMES 10Yr Awards现有建筑物最佳新建筑奖
Vora – 2019年AHEAD全球大奖入围全球最佳度假村
Vora – 2018年AHEAD欧洲奖最佳度假村奖
Anhinga –2017年入围EIA建筑奖
Plane House – 2016年《Ktirio》杂志30周年奖最佳度假屋奖
Scorpios – 2016年入围餐厅和酒吧设计奖
OPSO – 2015年入围餐厅和酒吧设计奖
Plane House – 2013年密斯·凡德罗奖提名
Barbouni – 2013年密斯凡德罗奖提名
Capanna – 2012年入围酒吧与餐厅设计奖
Barbouni – 2012年入围酒吧与餐厅设计奖

K-STUDIO is a design practice rooted in Architecture.

Its contextual approach produces unique and immersive experiences through Architecture, Interior and Hardscape Design, allowing us to achieve a holistic sense of experience across the range of unique spatial qualities within every project. This approach is applied to any scale of project and allows us to treat larger scale, more complex works as collections of smaller studies, creating expansive systems for design with greater clarity, definition and attention to detail.

Studio has 55 architects and interior designers based in central Athens.

K-studio’s home is Greece, a country of incredible natural beauty and resources, where the cultural identity is founded upon being outside and making good, economic use of local skills, materials and agriculture to provide nourishing hospitality to visitors from near or far.

The studio aims to create uniquely crafted architectural experiences that are informed by tradition, enriched by materiality and inspired by contemporary life.


Awards & Adventures:

Dexamenes – Popular Choice Winner in the Hotels & Resorts category of Architizer A+Awards, 2020

Perianth Hotel – Awarded Best Suite of the Year at the Greek Hotel of the Year Awards, 2020

Dexamenes – Winner of Best Suite in the AHEAD Europe Awards, 2019

Canaves Oia Epitome – Awarded Best Resort at 100% Hotel Design Awards, 2019

Isola Beach Club – Winner of Big See Wood Award, 2019

Dexamenes – Awarded Best New Architecture In An Existing Building at the DOMES 10Yr Awards, 2019

Vora – Shortlisted for Best Resort in the world in the AHEAD Global Awards, 2019

Vora – Winner of Best Resort in the AHEAD Europe Awards, 2018

Anhinga – Shortlisted for the EIA Architectural Awards, 2017

Plane House – Overall winner of the Best Vacation House Award – Ktirio Magazine 30th Anniversary Awards, 2016

Scorpios – Shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, 2016

OPSO – Shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, 2015

k-studio part of the Greek Pavilion Exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014

Plane House – Nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award, 2013

Barbouni – Nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award, 2013

k-studio shortlisted for the Young Greek Architects Award, 2012

k-studio part of the Young Greek Architects Awards Exhibition at the Benaki Museum in Athens, 2012

Capanna – Shortlisted for the Bar & Restaurant Design Awards, 2012

Barbouni – Shortlisted for the Bar & Restaurant Design Award, 2012

k-studio – included in Wallpaper* Magazine’s Architects Directory, 2012

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